On June 14th, 1991, Tyrus T. Scott aka Yung Citi was born and raised in the small town Anderson, IN. As a child, life was rough. However, as time went on he would come to realize it was all for a reason. Growing up Citi, his mother Shellie, and his older sister Desshana constantly moved place to place which made it hard to make and keep friends. As a result, he would keep to himself to avoid the process of making and losing friends. In school Citi loved his work but was often sidetracked by music. It was the only thing he felt would keep him sane. At the age of ten Citi began writing music for every emotion he felt. At the age of eleven Citi was subjected to live in and witness negativity and violence .His mother was involved in an abusive relationship causing emotional issues for Citi. After a couple of years, Citi, who was now growing older and more tired of witnessing his mother being abused, called for the help of the police. “I couldn’t take anymore of the yelling, screaming, and pain we all went through, so I called the police on his ass. The man served his time and we moved on with our lives.” At the age of thirteen Citi and his family moved to Indianapolis, IN. Living there he became very obsessed with his music. Not able to record in a real studio, Citi had to use what he had to be heard. Whether it was rapping to his friends at school or recording it all on a karaoke machine, he did what it took to be heard. At the age of fifteen Citi and his family moved back to Anderson. Living there he later picked up the name Citi.”Everyone was shocked when they heard the amount of talent I had especially being so young.” The name “Citi “was given to him by an old family friend who began calling him “Big City”.

In middle school Citi became more involved with music and less involved with school work. As a punishment for bad grades his mother would put a stop to his music. Taking away headphones, paper, ect. Everything he needed to do his music with.

Around the age of seventeen, Citi began studying and critiquing his own music to make himself better. He put down the pen and began to freestyle and piece everything together in the studio. Citi felt like this would make him better because he got to let out his feelings and emotions right then and there. Citi is now twenty-one and one of the hottest artists in the Midwest, a diamond in the rough. He is now the V.P. of the label J.O.B and continues on the road to greatness.



LOUIE has emerged as the KING OF HIP-HOP of the Midwest and ready to take on the industry best for the crown.

Born John Menifee aka Meno Dollaz (producer Name) has always show a creative genius towards music and performing since the mere age of 12. John was able to craft melodies of Mozart with only a simple Casio keyboard bought by his parents while friends and and/or family expressed he would one day make his mark in the entertainment world and field of music. Today Louie is clearly one of the most recognized artist and producers to hit airwaves with the laid back swag, voice texture
and word play reminisce to Goldie the Pimp Louie captivates his listeners with intriguing stories of real life experiences. Songs like “Ballin Ain’t Nunthin”, “Cost to be a Boss”, and “Blood in Veins” expresses the hard ships, struggles, and necessary relationships of growing up in the hood.

Louie tells stories of triumph and perseverance as he navigates his way to success through all the obstacles of life while dodging haters and the hot boys trying to stop his reign in the streets. Louie is totally in a class all by himself being a writer, producer, and director of a true story told to so many of us see and live on a daily basis. Leading the way as CEO for his J.O.B. Entertainment Group and CO-CEO for Money Making Money Entertainment Louie has a strong stable of soldiers ready to follow his crusade with artist label mates Joe Skeet, Cream, Arty, and Candy. This team of comrade’s street notoriety has already been approved by selling more than 50,000 units albums to the many fans that follow J.O.B. Entertainment. Louie has a new sound and new set of rules for the music industry to follow. He calls the industry his kingdom and he’s ready to rule by taking the throne from whoever is deemed as the ruler.