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When signing up with Trak Agents, we will provide you with a more comprehensive and interactive service aimed at producers who are seeking a more proactive solution at getting there tracks placed. We are more than just a website, we are here to help you as producers advance your career to the next level and gain industry exposure. We work for you as your personal agent in the music industry by submitting your music to artist, songwriters and companies for albums, mixtapes, commercials, tv shows, video games, soundtracks, and more. We will be sending all our producers a who’s looking list each month, showing you who’s looking for tracks and you will be able to submit music to them. You will also be getting a personal profile on our website including a picture, biography, three of your best tracks and links to your favorite social networks. You will be able to call us every quarter for a 1 on 1 consultation with one of our agents and get feedback on your tracks.

For more information about our producer services and to get your free 5 minute consultation, please contact us at: or (860) 515-TRAK


If you are interested in a career in the Music Industry as a Artist, Producer, or Songwriter, and have questions about getting to the next level or any music industry related topics. Then come get some honest answers from Trak Agents to get your carrer moving on the right track.

At Trak Agents we offer a professional consulting service set up to coach and advise artists, producers, and songwriters in their music careers and overall direction. As an artist, it is easy for you to waste time and money doing what you personally think is right, when in reality, these are ineffective steps and you are being unproductive. Therefore, it is crucial that you receive the correct professional advice for advancing your career to the next level. We will personally go through consultations with you to help map out your overall career direction. Our service is very cost effective and is geared toward helping artists on a budget.

Make the small investment in order to STOP wasting valuable time and money trying to figure out the next step and what is needed to help you advance in your career. The music business is a unique industry that has no diagram written out to help you succeed. The industry is changing daily and it is important to get an understanding on how to develop your overall presentation in order to achieve your goals. So if you take your career seriously, it’s time to do the right thing and get professional advise.

Before you continue to waste time and money on trying to figure out your next move, let us consult and effectively advise you on the proper steps. Get the professional advice needed to enable yourself the best possible opportunities in the very competitive music industry, it’s our goal to help bridge the gap between the unknown musician and an artist taken seriously.

For more information about our consulting services and to get your free 5 minute consultation, please contact us at: or (860) 515-TRAK